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Wool Has Many Fine Properties…

…but traction really ain’t one of them. Ouch. This weekend, I was up at my parents’ house where they have hardwood just about everywhere.  I was also being a bit silly and stole The Blanket Theif’s bandana and was running around the house with it.  I was also wearing these socks: While running, I took […]

For Once, the Knitting Fates Smiled

I’m kind of shocked to be in this position, actually.  I was really, really sure this was going to go differently.  I mean, it always does, right? Last night, as I was putting the cARGHdigan away for the night, I suddenly had a thought.  A very disturbing, very unsettling thought.  A thought that threatened to […]

Oooh, more colors!

Remember how excited I was when I got to the first blue stitches?  Like, perhaps unreasonably excited? Yeah, that’s got nothing on what’s going on now.  I got to the red stitches.  Red, dudes. I started getting excited as I started nearing the point where there was only one black stitch in the triangles between […]

Finally, the Fun Part!

It’s here!  I’m past the stockinette-only section of the cARGHdigan, and I’m ready to start the argyle part! This is how much knitting there was to get to this point (technically, I could have – or according to the Blanket Thief, should have – started about two inches ago, but I contend it’ll look better […]

Bad Lessons

For Thanksgiving weekend, we (the Blanket Thief and I) went up to visit my parents.  I packed at the last minute (er…like always), which meant that I had to be a bit quick about which knitting projects to bring.  Of course, there were the in-progress-go-anywhere socks that were already in my purse, but then I […]


I have a habit of persevering even when I know a knitting project isn’t working.  Over the years, I’ve tried to break the habit, but…every now and then, something slips past me, and by the time I realize I should quit I’m already committed. So…a couple months ago, I got it into my head that […]