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November 2023



If There Is Yarn…

…Monkey Kitty will find it.

It’s like he has a sixth sense about where to find knitting and related supplies, and I swear he must have some kind of extreme instinctual imperative telling him to “Destroy!  Maim!  Kill!  Bitebitebite!”  I’d say he could smell the animals that were involved in making the yarn (see exhibits A and B) except that he also seeks and destroys polyester (exhibit C).  I haven’t given him the opportunity to get at any cotton yarn (yet, although the wedding blanket will be 100% cotton), but something tells me he’d be an equal opportunity yarn attacker.

A few weeks ago, I started another pair of go-everywhere-while-doing-anything socks.  This is what they looked like right after casting on.

(Also, I’d just like to point out that I’m giving Deborah Norville another try here.  I’ve got yet another set of a different colorway in my stash as well, so here’s hoping this one works out better than the last…)

Apparently, I forgot to put the knitting away properly (it was in a bag, but not out of Monkey Kitty’s reach).  In the morning, this is what I found:

A close up of the yarn under Monkey Kitty’s feet:

Notice that both balls of yarn are on this floor of the house, near the table (one is actually wound quite effectively over, under, and around several chairs as well).  That doesn’t really explain why there’s yarn going here:

Or why my knitting is here (almost hidden by the jacket):

Or why the yarn got wound around the stair posts at the top of the stairs before winding its way back down:

And yet, even then, all that was recoverable.  Sure, I had a lot of yarn wound around the outside of the balls, which was annoying, but overall the damage was actually rather superficial.

Then Monkey Kitty upped the stakes.

I had this pair of socks in a bag in my purse, which I apparently didn’t zip closed last night.  Quietly, sneakily, Monkey Kitty took the knitting out of my bag and hid it (note: he didn’t pull the yarn out of the bag until after we left for work, thus having all day to play with it).

On the way home, the Blanket Thief and I were talking about how my purse was much lighter than it normally was, and since neither of us could remember taking anything out of it, we were pretty sure who the culprit was and what we’d find when we came home.

At first glance, it might not look like there’s even anything wrong here – there’s barely any extra yarn pulled out at all.  But this time Monkey Kitty took a more subtle approach to his knitting destruction:

That’s the current state of the once-neat balls of yarn.  Somehow they both still seem to work as center pull balls, although the yarn now comes out the side of the ball instead of the top, but they’re about twice as big as they used to be and seriously more disordered.  And even then, I would just shrug it off and keep going, except…

Monkey Kitty took out the cable on the needle too.  I think we can conclude only one thing from this: Monkey Kitty has declared War on Knitting.  In between bouts with the scratching post, that is.


Comment from Lookout
Time April 30, 2010 at 9:06 pm

I’m kind of wishing you two had a hidden camera at your place…