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February 2024



In Which I Muse About Lace Surgeons

One of the top projects I’m working on right now is a blanket for my best friend’s wedding.  Being me, I decided I was going to design a brand new pattern for this, bought the yarn before I’d figured out what I was going to do, and then once I’d picked out the stitch patterns I liked and figured out what order I wanted them to be in, I cast on and started knitting.

I was about this far when I realized I’d made a mistake already:

My plan was to have a row of eyelets at the beginning of one of the patterns.  You’ll notice, there are no holes in this knitting.

There proceeded about a minute of internal monologue berating myself for not charting out the pattern, especially considering that I do intend to write this up as an official pattern someday.  The only excuse I have to explain it is that I wanted to get knitting right away. We’ll not examine the fact that I probably lost as much time fixing this mistake as I would have charting the pattern (note: I’ve apparently not learned my lesson, as the pattern remains uncharted at this time).

After the mental tongue-lashing, I went to work unraveling the few rows I had.  I decided that it would be good enough to unravel just the section that was messed up, and although the process would be fussier I would save more time not needing to re-cast on and re-knit everything else.

I always think knitting mid-surgery looks really fascinating.  I wonder if I could make a career around just doing knitting surgery.  Is there even such a thing as a knitting surgeon?  And couldn’t you imagine knitting surgeon specialties, like Cable Surgeon or Lace Surgeon?

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice…

But, anyway, after more time than I wanted to spend on it, I was back where I should have been all along.

Here’s hoping the rest of it stays on chart (assuming I ever write up the chart, of course).