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May 2021



One Month To Go…

I’ve got exactly one month until the Wedding Blanket is due.  One.  Luckily, it’s a 31-day month, if it were February I’d be screwed.

Who am I kidding?  I’m screwed no matter how you slice it.  I’ve been knitting on this thing since May, and I’m not quite 2/3rds done.  I’m only marginally sure that I’m more than half way done.

Unfortunately (for the knitting, at least), last week The Blanket Thief and I were in a cabin in the middle of the Wisconsin wilderness.  Given the lack of running water (bathing involves jumping in a lake with soap) and large amounts of dirt, sunblock, and bug spray present in the cabin, however, I felt it prudent to leave the Wedding blanket in the safety of our home.  Which is a shame, because the amount of down time you have in a cabin without electricity or cell phone reception in a week?

I can measure it in feet.  11+ feet, to be exact.  I figured that rope by definition should be durable enough to wash, and if that’s the case then the cabin is a perfect excuse for me to indulge in my latest obsession.  That disk in the center is what I picked up at Old Navy, although now that I’ve worked with it for a while I’m pretty sure I could recreate it from any decently large, pliable, round disk.

Still trying to figure out the patterning, but the experimentation on that has been postponed until after the Wedding Blanket and the cARGHdigan are done.

Monkey Kitty wanted to give you some sense of scale, so I tied him up a bit in the rope.

You can’t see it in the picture, but he was purring hard and kneading the air with his paws the whole time.  Monkey Kitty is truly his mama’s son the way he loves yarn.

In fact, in the time it took me to run down the stairs and back to fetch the camera to take pictures, Money Kitty got very familiar with the yarn – I didn’t catch it on camera, but I came back to find him with the rope in his mouth.  He’s learned that I don’t like that, though, so while I had the camera nearby he resigned himself to dreaming about chewing the yarn mere millimeters from his fangs.

Dream on, Monkey Kitty.  Meanwhile, now that I’m back in civilization I’ve got to get back to that Wedding Blanket.