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December 2022



It Doesn’t Count If I’m Not Knitting It

When I decided that I was going to knit Erica a wedding blanket, I said there were a few rules:

  1. Finish Marissa’s wedding blanket first
  2. Finish Tristan’s cARGHdigan first
  3. Figure out the schedule for knitting, so I would know when I was slipping

On the other hand, just because I decided to wind some of the Cascade 220 hanks doesn’t mean I’m actually starting, right?

As soon as I took that picture, I realized it looked slightly phallic, so I tried to fix it by reordering some of the blue…

And ended up with Yarn Leia instead.  Apparently my talents lie elsewhere.

You might be asking – why are there eight of them?  Well, I figured eight hanks would be a decent start.  The pattern I’m using is knit with four balls (two of each color) at a time, so with eight hanks it’s like I have two sets of knitting.  Not, you know, that I could actually use two sets of knitting at once, but…well, if I could, I could, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of sets, I then took four of them and put them in the bag from a sheet set – I love that it fits the yarn perfectly, has a pocket for the needle, and even zips closed.

It’s like having my very own blanket kit!  So exciting!  I can’t wait to use it!

Not, mind you, that I’m allowed to yet.  I still have miles to go on my other projects first…

…crap, I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to resist this.  It’s new and shiny!  Pretty please can I knit with the new shiny yarn?


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