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April 2024



The Beginning of the End

It’s been a long time coming, but, finally, I’ve begun sewing on the border for the Wedding Blanket the First.

There were several roadblocks to getting here.

I had to knit 28 feet of border.

I had to block 28 feet of border.

I had to remove about 1 foot on two sides of the border.

I had to figure out what the ratio of border stitches to edge stitches was.  This involved a decent amount of basic algebra and a lot of counting.  It also didn’t have the decency to be a nice round number and ended up being something like 1:0.651725, which means a lot of recounting to make sure I’m not drifting too far away from the real ratio.

But, finally, I have, in fact, started sewing the damn thing on.

It’s not going nearly as slowly as I expected – I’m getting through more than a foot per hour.  At this rate, there’s a chance (small though it may be) that I’ll finish the whole blanket before the happy couple’s first anniversary.

Of course, they’re still going to have to wait to get it, since I’ve decided that a gift like this really needs to be given in person, and I don’t have tickets to Ohio booked yet.  But, some day (and likely within 18 months of the day it was supposed to be delivered), I’ll have delivered the first Wedding Blanket.

Then I’ll just have 11 months to finish Erica’s…and whatever other Wedding Blanket might get promised as soon as a certain someone is officially engaged.

Oh, yeah, and some day I’ll have to finish the Blanket Thief‘s cARGHdigan.  You know, the one I promised him for Christmas of 2009.