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Tag: Mistakes

Where Crazy Cat Lady and Fiber Obsession Collide

I don’t spend much time talking about Bear Kitty, but he’s really a very impressive cat.  For one thing, on one body he manages to fit enough fur to cover 6 normal cats – his coat is almost as thick as a sea otter’s (and nearly as waterproof).  This means he tends to shed…a lot. […]

Knitting Plastic Surgery

When last we spoke, I was in a somewhat troublesome state.  I was at the end of the second strip of the Wedding Blanket, and had realized that the beginning of the strip: Didn’t exactly look much like the end of the strip: Namely, the problem was that I needed a few more rows to […]

Oh &%#$!

I really, really wish I had time to put the Wedding Blanket in time out right now. Also, I probably deserve a smack upside the head. Why?  Well, this is what the beginning of the current panel looks like. And, with one row to do before the cast off edge, this is what the other […]

In Which I Muse About Lace Surgeons

One of the top projects I’m working on right now is a blanket for my best friend’s wedding.  Being me, I decided I was going to design a brand new pattern for this, bought the yarn before I’d figured out what I was going to do, and then once I’d picked out the stitch patterns […]

They Got Me Again

I may have bragged last night that I had picked a project for the Knitting Olympics which was, if not easy, at least possibly not hard enough to qualify for Olympic status.  Nothing in the pattern was particularly hard (except, maybe, understanding it…), the large gauge meant that there weren’t too many stitches, and it […]

If I Were Amish…

I’ve heard that the Amish have a tradition in the amazing quilts they make, that there’s always at least one small mistake in those intricate pieced compositions, because only God can be perfect or make perfect things.  Now, given that they’re introducing these flaws on purpose, that always seemed a bit egotistical to me (kind […]

Wool Has Many Fine Properties…

…but traction really ain’t one of them. Ouch. This weekend, I was up at my parents’ house where they have hardwood just about everywhere.  I was also being a bit silly and stole The Blanket Theif’s bandana and was running around the house with it.  I was also wearing these socks: While running, I took […]


I have a habit of persevering even when I know a knitting project isn’t working.  Over the years, I’ve tried to break the habit, but…every now and then, something slips past me, and by the time I realize I should quit I’m already committed. So…a couple months ago, I got it into my head that […]