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Tag: Monkey Kitty

I’m In!

Four years ago, the Yarn Harlot declared the start of the Knitting Olympics – and I didn’t do it.  I could use any excuse I want about how I was in college, it was a weird time for me, I didn’t have the yarn for a good project, yadda, yadda, yadda.  The real reason I […]

The Hat That Was Lost

Remember how Monkey Kitty has an extreme fondness for all things yarn and wool related?  Well, I wasn’t telling the whole story in the last post when I told you about how I’d thwarted his attempts to destroy the knitting. See, I apparently didn’t learn my lesson about leaving hats hanging out around the house, […]

The Hat That Was Saved…

Here’s another episode in the Saga of Monkey Kitty and the Knitting.  It probably says something that I reached for the camera before saving the hat.  The same behavior (and the laughing) probably also taught him that his behavior was okay.  Whoops. It started with him stealing one of my skiing hats out of the […]

Monkey Kitty Gets Thwarted!

I think I may have mentioned before that Monkey Kitty is a bit…er…obsessed with yarn and all things made with it.  He’s been known to steal balls of yarn, socks, and even an occasional full sweater (although he usually doesn’t get very far with those).  This week has been a pretty good one for catching […]

The Baby Booties of DOOM

This weekend, the Blanket Thief and I were invited to a baby shower (well, technically, we were invited several weeks ago, but the actual event happened this weekend).  And last week, I saw some Magic Slippers that my friend Hot Pink Mama had created, and…well…I have plenty of leftover sock yarn by this point.  Most […]