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To The Frog Pond With Ye

The thing about making a sweater up from scratch, as I’m doing with the cARGHdigan project, is that there’s no one to blame but yourself when things go wrong. For example, when (finally) started on the sleeves, I measured The Blanket Thief‘s wrists.  He wanted them pretty tight, so I added an inch, looked up […]

The Danger of “Because I Can”

After writing my last post about my, er, somewhat gross experiment with spinning cat hair, I realized something.  I wasn’t trying to spin cat hair because I had something I wanted to make out of it, I wasn’t doing it because it brought me joy, I wasn’t even doing it because I thought it was […]

Where Crazy Cat Lady and Fiber Obsession Collide

I don’t spend much time talking about Bear Kitty, but he’s really a very impressive cat.  For one thing, on one body he manages to fit enough fur to cover 6 normal cats – his coat is almost as thick as a sea otter’s (and nearly as waterproof).  This means he tends to shed…a lot. […]

Knitting Can Be Funny

I love knitting humor.  Like seriously, love, love knitting humor.  Sometimes, in my deepest heart of hearts, I wonder if maybe I might be able to someday produce knitting humor for a living, a la Knitting Legend the Yarn Harlot. Of course, then reality sets in and I realize that given my life and my […]

Never Doing That Again

Four months ago, I decided to give flap heels a try.  From the get go, I knew I wasn’t going to like the resulting socks – a good part of the reason I decided to try the flap heel on this pair is because I already didn’t like the yarn, so if the heel turned […]