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Love is 199,424 stitches

It’s really not a good idea to calculate how many stitches are in a project you’re doing.  Especially if it’s a large project. My friend Erica is getting married in less than three weeks.  The Wedding Blanket II is for her (and her lovely fiance, of course), and… …well, let’s just say that I’m likely […]

It’s not knitting, but it does involve fibers…

So while I was in Vienna, I had the opportunity to see a bunch of history.  I’m constantly amazed by how much physical history there is in Europe, compared to, say, Seattle, where our oldest structures are maybe 150 years old…and if they’re that old, they’re probably underground. However, the really interesting thing to me […]

A Whole New Kind of Yarnbombing

So last week I was in Vienna for work (I know, poor me, right?), but that means I didn’t have time to do anything interesting, knitting-wise.  I even somewhat outsmarted myself by trying to pack my carry-on light and thus leaving all my knitting in my checked luggage (not my best move, especially when we’re […]

And The Knitting Fates Laughed

In my last post, I mentioned that I was just about to start blocking the border for Wedding Blanket the First.  This was a somewhat momentous occasion, as it’s been months since I finished knitting said border, and at no time did I actually measure the in-progress or finished border against the blanket it was […]

Happy Belated Birthday To Me

I thought I had posted something on Monday about this, but apparently the app I installed on my new phone did not agree with me about said post.  Sorry about that, I won’t be trying that procedure again any time soon. Anyway, I haven’t had much time to knit, and what time I have had […]