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Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself

My best friend from college is getting married in September.  Not only have I repeatedly said that I’ll help her out with whatever she needs (she lives in Ohio and the wedding is in Seattle, so there’s a lot of help needed), but at her bridal shower I might have said the words, “So…would you prefer a hand-knitted blanket, or a gift card/something off your registry?”

Being the lovely person that she is, she said, “Well, I have plenty of people who can buy me stuff, but when it comes to knitting…”

I asked, “Okay, would you want something more heirloom/traditional, or something crazy?”

And she said, “Whatever you want to knit, I’ll love.”

Which…wasn’t as helpful as I’m sure she intended it.

So now I have to figure out what I want to knit (not easy), acquire the yarn (easy), and then somehow knit the entire thing in the next five months (depending on pattern, medium difficulty).  I’ve got a bunch of patterns queued up on Ravelry so that I don’t loose track of them, but I don’t know if I’m really in love with any of them.

Any thoughts?  Any blankets you’ve made (or been eyeballing)?  I seem to be leaning towards traditional with a medium difficulty level, but at this point I’m open to any and all suggestions.

Also, there has been progress on the cARGHdigan – I’m winging the shoulder shaping at the moment.  When I get to a point that’s easier to photograph (or maybe just manage to take a pic of the Blanket Thief trying to try it on), I’ll post more about how that’s going.


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