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February 2024



Bad Lessons

For Thanksgiving weekend, we (the Blanket Thief and I) went up to visit my parents.  I packed at the last minute (er…like always), which meant that I had to be a bit quick about which knitting projects to bring.  Of course, there were the in-progress-go-anywhere socks that were already in my purse, but then I couldn’t think of what else to bring.

At some point, I should do a round up of my WIP – that would be a good reminder for me to actually finish some of them.  But that’s a different post (or several) for a different day.

The most likely candidate for me to bring that weekend was the cARGHdigan, but I didn’t really want to package all of that up for the trip.  I could have taken any one of the dozens of sock yarns I have, but…er…that would have required me to pick one, and that didn’t sound like a quick idea at the time.

When we were already at least twenty minutes late, I decided to not decide, which meant that all I ended up taking was the in-progress socks and a shawl I wanted to block.  At the time, I kind of patted myself on the back, thinking that I had made it out of the trap that most knitters fall into when they take an extra bag for the weekend to hold all of their projects/yarn (none of which they have time to touch).  I was more evolved.  I was realistic – it wasn’t like I was going to actually finish those socks.

They have a word for that feeling I was having – they call it “hubris”, and the Knitting Fates find it particularly fun to punish.

Apparently, I knit socks faster than I thought I did – I started the weekend at the red line, was at the orange line by the end of Thursday, and I was done with the pair before Friday night, with no other projects, no new yarn, nothing else to keep my hands busy for the next 48 hours.


I don’t think I’ll ever travel without an extra suitcase again.