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February 2024



In Which I Briefly Go Insane

Although I haven’t managed to do a proper post on the Wedding Blanket, progress is going well so far.  I have almost five feet (by 1.5 feet, so 7.5 square feet) of knitting done at this point, and it’s relatively gorgeous and soft and comfy and everything one could ask for in an heirloom blanket.

Except…I started thinking about the stitch pattern I was using as a band to separate the larger pattern sections.  And I thought…well, what if I did something else instead?  Like, say, clover stitch?

I even went so far as to swatch it out.

The thing is, while the clover border is slightly swoopier, and maybe I would pick it instead of the standard border I’m using if I were starting from scratch, the fact is that I have seven and a half square feet of knitting done.  That’s got to be at least a sweater, right?

But still, I considered my options.  The best contender was that I could do knitting surgery by unravelling just the borders (because they luckily had the same number of stitches in both patterns) and then knit them back in the new pattern.  Which would take forever, and probably look a little funky, but it would be the best pattern possible.

Luckily, at that point I consulted the Blanket Thief, who first gave me the “you’re crazy” look and then explained that to a non-Knitter (especially one who was never exposed to both patterns side by side) the difference between them was negligible.  And when I tried to argue with him that it did matter, and that I wanted this to be perfect, he asked how long it would take to make the change.

I thought quickly: Well, four columns, roughly 400 rows, so 1600 rows of fussy knitting surgery…that equals…lots of time.

And then I looked at the knitting again, next to the swatch.

You know, actually?  I think what I’ve got might be better anyway.