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July 2024



In Which I Destroy My House

Things have been a bit…er…hectic around here lately.  A few months ago, I got the brilliant idea that I would take a week off of my real job that people pay me to do and spend the time doing Home Improvement tasks.  (The capitalization is important, for that’s the scale of the improvements we’re talking.)  Not to be satisfied with simply painting the walls or cleaning the house (Cleaning?  Seriously?  Have we met?), I instead opted for painting the cabinets, refinishing the stairs, and retiling the shower.  It’s worth keeping in mind, for those who haven’t actually been to my house, that there is one shower/bath combo, one staircase, and the door opens to the middle of the stairs (so it’s not like you can just live out of the bottom floor for a few days, because it’s not possible to leave the house then).  And, as if it weren’t crazy enough that I wanted to do all three of these things, I decided that I would just get them all over with and do them at once.

Yeah, apparently you’re not supposed to do that.  Funny how no one told me that until after I’d destroyed my entire house.

The way the Blanket Thief tells his friends about it is to say that I’ve taken away his ability to feed himself, walk through his own house, or bathe himself.

Also, that week I took off work?  Ended Monday, and (surprise!) not one of the projects is done yet.  I have high hopes that, eventually, at least one of these projects will drop off the radar (either by being finished [preferable] or by being “good enough”).  In theory, I should be able to shower by Saturday, at least.

It might occur to you that none of this has anything to do with knitting.  You’re very astute.