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April 2024



Sometimes It Takes Me Awhile

So, just over a year ago, I decided to knit the Blanket Thief some slippers.  I’d read about them on the Yarn Harlot’s blog a while ago, and when he mentioned that he didn’t have any slippers I immediately thought, “That’s something knitting can fix!”

Now, mind you, I tend to have the “That’s something knitting can fix!” reaction a lot – it’s my version of “if all you have is a hammer…” – but usually I’m stretching at best.  This time, though, I was right – this was indeed a problem that knitting could fix, and without much ado I found yarn, I found that Fiber Trends pattern, and I went to work.  Easy peasy.

The Blanket Thief has been super happy with them for the past year, except for one tiny little thing.  I had planned to sew on some suede bottoms in order to make them a little less slippery/last a bit longer, and I went so far as to buy said bottoms…

…but I never actually attached said bottoms.  By and large, this was something that everyone was okay with, and things might have in fact stayed this way forever if I hadn’t noticed that the slippers were leaving little pills on the carpet next to the couch where the Blanket Thief liked to sit.  Apparently, I was totally okay with the idea that I might have to knit him another pair someday when they wore away, and I was kind of okay with the idea that he might slip a little on the few tiled surfaces in our house, but the idea of the really messy, to-be-replaced-someday carpet getting pills on it?  Apparently not okay.

I quickly whipped out my cotton thread, and within a couple episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, the slippers had soles.

I’m not convinced I did the best job ever (frankly, I’m sure I could do better if I were to rip them out and try again, now that I’ve had the practice), but the Blanket Thief thinks they’re snazzy and who am I to argue?

Besides, when you get right down to it, they do look pretty snazzy.

Maybe I need a pair…