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June 2023



The End is Nearly Nigh

Today marked a very important milestone in the Wedding Blanket’s progress.  Today, I blocked not one, but two panels – and since the first panel was blocked already, this means I just got that much closer to being done.

Obligatory bath picture – I’ve become convinced that I’m going to become one of those mothers with tons of embarrassing bath pictures of her kids.

I used the first, already blocked panel as a guide to block the other panels against.  After all, it would kind of suck if I went through all this blocking work, let it all dry, and only then realized that I’d made one set of panels significantly longer than the other.

(Those of you who think I could have used a tape measure or ruler for the same purpose…shhh.)

When I laid out the first wet panel, I got a little worried that maybe the blanket would be a little too narrow – you know, not really good for wrapping around anybody?

I wasted no time, then, in getting the third panel out of the bath – I wanted to see what they looked like all together, to assuage the fears I had about the narrowness of the blanket.  The look of just-been-squeezed wet knitting is something wonderful – somehow I always think it looks full of possibility.

Maybe that’s because it can’t possibly look much worse.

I got it all stretched and molded into the shape I wanted, though, so in no time I was convinced that yes, in fact, this blanket is going to work.  My dear friend is going to love it.  It is not going to be too narrow – if anything, it looks pleasantly wide.

I’m really looking forward to sewing the strips together so that I can really believe it’s a blanket, and not some mindless torture device.  It’s seemed like I’ve knit miles upon miles of yarn and pattern without really making any progress, I’m ready for this to be the magical time where that Knitting Slog turns into Amazing Blanket.

Just a few more miles of border to go, and a couple miles of seams, and I should be good to go.