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Finally, the Fun Part!

It’s here!  I’m past the stockinette-only section of the cARGHdigan, and I’m ready to start the argyle part!

This is how much knitting there was to get to this point (technically, I could have – or according to the Blanket Thief, should have – started about two inches ago, but I contend it’ll look better with a thicker solid black border at the bottom):


I’d already wound on the bobbins I would need for all the diamonds – that was one of the more fun parts, and I was amazed with how much yarn would fit on one of those things.  It’ll be interesting seeing how many diamonds I can get out of them before I have to refill them.  I’m going to guess 2.5.


That pic is more accurate on the color, but this one is a better “action” shot – at least, as much of an action shot as can reasonably be expected from yarn…


I was all ready to start knitting, I’d even verified that I had one bobbin for every diamond column:


In fact, it wasn’t until I started knitting the row itself that I realized that I was missing something – the black triangles between the diamonds! You know, because I was going to do two blue diamonds, then a red diamond between them, and so forth.

Actually, since I don’t think I’ve ever posted an overall picture of what I’m planning to do, I suppose it’s not fair of me to expect you to know about what the design is supposed to be.  Just trust me, I was missing two black bobbins.

Luckily, the bobbin package I bought had 8 bobbins, so the problem was quickly remedied:


And, after much ado,  I finally got to the fun part.  Now, instead of plain stockinette in black, only black, and nothing but black, I get to knit plain stockinette in black, blue, black, blue, black, blue, black, blue, and black.  And, soon, it’ll be black, blue, red, blue, black, blue, red, blue, and black.  For several dozen rows.

Oh, boy.  I can’t wait for the tangles I’m going to get messing around with 9 strands of yarn.

But, you know, it’ll all be worth it.  Because, dudes


…it’s not just plain black anymore.  See that?  That is blue in that field of black.  Blue, I tell you.


Comment from Shruti
Time December 11, 2009 at 8:45 pm

Excited to see the finished one!