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July 2024



Here We Go…

Eventually, I think people will probably wonder: What does “G. Knerd” mean, anyway?  I could let it be a mystery, but I don’t think it’s a very good one, and I’d rather save those mystery credits for stuff that’s actually worth the suspense.

G. Knerd is short for Gnittink Knerd.  “Gnittink” is really just “Knitting” spelled backwards.  At the time I came up with the name, I was unreasonably tickled by the idea that the word “Knitting” would be a palindrome if you just left off the first and last letters.  We’ll not speak of how much time I spent giggling as I tried to explain it to my friends – there’s good evidence that maybe I shouldn’t try to name things, especially late at night.

So that explains the “G.” part, but the “Knerd”?  Well, at the same time I was giggling about the “Knitting” becoming “Gnittink” thing, I also started thinking about how “Knitting” starts with a ‘K’, but it’s a silent ‘K’…and how often do you see a silent ‘K’, anyway?  And then I thought about how I was really a nerd (no, really, have been for a very long time, and proud of it), and I thought to myself, “Well, wouldn’t it be neat if I added a silent ‘K’ to “nerd” as well?  It wouldn’t change the pronunciation, but it would make it kind of awesome.”  (Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be put in charge of naming things.)

And thus was “G. Knerd” created.  I’ve used the persona a couple times here or there, I’m on Ravelry with it (although I don’t spend much time there), I’ve tried experimenting with blogging with it before (with minimal success, mostly due to lack of time and  proper camera equipment), but I’ve never really commited.

Until now.  I’m going to do this blogging thing for real this time.

The Yarn Goes Marching On and On, Hurrah....

The Yarn Goes Marching Four by Four, Hurrah....