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June 2023



How Many Square Inches Per Oz?

So it’s about time to get yarn for my friend’s wedding blanket (heretofore referred to as Wedding Blanket II), and I’ve already scheduled some tentative time to go to the yarn store with the bride-to-be and pick out the colors she likes.  However, before we do that, I need to figure out how much yarn to buy, which means I need to know how many square inches I can get out of a skein of yarn.

I dug through the stash and unearthed some random yarn – pretty sure this is Cascade 220, also sure this is not a whole skein.  I weighed it on the kitchen scale, though, and (assuming I trust the scale, which I don’t) this is about 75g, or roughly 3/4 of a full skein.  My plan is to knit garter stitch (as the pattern I have in mind for the blanket is pretty much pure garter stitch) until I run out of yarn, then measure how big that is to figure out how many skeins I’ll need for a 5′ x 6′ blanket.  I’m hoping I get at least a foot and a half per skein, but it would be even better if I get two or more square feet – we’re looking at a rather high yarn cost here.

Luckily, at least garter stitch goes super quick – after about an hour or so of knitting, I’ve got a 10″ x 4″ swatch.  As for how much yarn I have left:

You can’t really tell the ball has changed dimensions.  I’ve got a long way to go on this swatch (here’s hoping for 20″+).