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September 2023



I Shouldn’t Be Knitting This…

In my last post, I restated the rules that I’d put in place for starting work on Erica’s new wedding blanket.  To recap:

  1. Finish Marissa’s wedding blanket first
  2. Finish Tristan’s cARGHdigan first
  3. Figure out the schedule for knitting, so I would know when I was slipping

I’ve now broken all three rules.

Whoops.  I’m sure no one saw that coming, right?

The thing is, I had a choir retreat I had to go to over the weekend.  And Marissa’s wedding blanket is too big to reasonably go anywhere at this point.  And the Blanket Thief’s cARGHdigan…well, I’m winging it as I go, so it’s really hard to get very far on it without him sitting next to me to measure against.  So, actually, it was with his blessing that I went off to my choir retreat weekend with the neat little knitting kit I made in my last post.

Of course, I promptly took my first beginning and frogged it, as I realized the finished product would be much too big.

And then I tried making a small square using the dishrag method (cast on 1, increase one on each edge every other row until desired width, then decrease one every other row until one stitch is left).  Turns out, that method works great for dishrags, but not for things roughly the size of a quarter – it looked less like a diamond and more like a drop, actually.

So I went back to the original construction, but then I had some trouble with picking up the triangles after the center squares – I wasn’t picking up enough, and it was kind of starting to bubble up in the middle.

Can’t you see the dome forming?  I’m making a blanket, not a series of turtles, so this was off to the frog pond as well.

It’s looking much better now, but I’m not going to show you that.  Erica requested that I do something between radio silence and complete disclosure when it pertained to her blanket (because she’s actually a reader here, and she wanted some element of surprise), so these are about the most detailed pictures you’re going to see until after the blanket is delivered.

I have no idea how I’m going to do that either.  We’ll just figure it out as we go.