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May 2024



Tag: Knitting Olympics

I Did It!

When I last left all of you, it was Friday night and I was waiting for the left sleeve to dry so I could pick out the grafted seam, knit another repeat of the pattern, and then try blocking it again – this time with the requisite twelve points (as opposed to the eleven I’d […]

They Got Me Again

I may have bragged last night that I had picked a project for the Knitting Olympics which was, if not easy, at least possibly not hard enough to qualify for Olympic status.  Nothing in the pattern was particularly hard (except, maybe, understanding it…), the large gauge meant that there weren’t too many stitches, and it […]

Non-Knitting Olympics Update

I’ve been frantically trying to get my Knitting Olympics project finished, so I haven’t had time for a real post (and unfortunately, I only seemed to plan for one week’s worth of Knitting Olympics ahead of time…).  For now, hopefully this will tide you over: That’s the current state of the cARGHdigan for the Blanket […]

The Kitties are Against Me

I’ve been trucking along on my Knitting Olympics project, but it seems that the kitties really don’t want me to finish.  First, Monkey Kitty took apart a ball of yarn, then he chewed on the cable for my circular needle (luckily, not enough to break it), and now Bear Kitty is joining the fray – […]

I’m In!

Four years ago, the Yarn Harlot declared the start of the Knitting Olympics – and I didn’t do it.  I could use any excuse I want about how I was in college, it was a weird time for me, I didn’t have the yarn for a good project, yadda, yadda, yadda.  The real reason I […]