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June 2024



Tag: Knitting Surgery

Dear Past Me: What Were You Thinking?

Every now and then, I put down a knitting project only to come back to it weeks or months later and realize that I have no idea what my past self was thinking when I was knitting on it earlier.  Generally, it’s obvious that I had a plan and that I had every reason to […]

Knitting Corrective Surgery

Remember a few weeks ago, when I found out that the border for Wedding Blanket the First was maybe a little too big?  If not, you really should read it – it’s worth a laugh or two at my misfortune.  Don’t worry, I can wait. Okay, so how do you fix a problem like that?  […]

And The Knitting Fates Laughed

In my last post, I mentioned that I was just about to start blocking the border for Wedding Blanket the First.  This was a somewhat momentous occasion, as it’s been months since I finished knitting said border, and at no time did I actually measure the in-progress or finished border against the blanket it was […]

Knitting Plastic Surgery

When last we spoke, I was in a somewhat troublesome state.  I was at the end of the second strip of the Wedding Blanket, and had realized that the beginning of the strip: Didn’t exactly look much like the end of the strip: Namely, the problem was that I needed a few more rows to […]

In Which I Briefly Go Insane

Although I haven’t managed to do a proper post on the Wedding Blanket, progress is going well so far.  I have almost five feet (by 1.5 feet, so 7.5 square feet) of knitting done at this point, and it’s relatively gorgeous and soft and comfy and everything one could ask for in an heirloom blanket. […]

In Which I Muse About Lace Surgeons

One of the top projects I’m working on right now is a blanket for my best friend’s wedding.  Being me, I decided I was going to design a brand new pattern for this, bought the yarn before I’d figured out what I was going to do, and then once I’d picked out the stitch patterns […]

The Hat That Was Lost

Remember how Monkey Kitty has an extreme fondness for all things yarn and wool related?  Well, I wasn’t telling the whole story in the last post when I told you about how I’d thwarted his attempts to destroy the knitting. See, I apparently didn’t learn my lesson about leaving hats hanging out around the house, […]

For Once, the Knitting Fates Smiled

I’m kind of shocked to be in this position, actually.  I was really, really sure this was going to go differently.  I mean, it always does, right? Last night, as I was putting the cARGHdigan away for the night, I suddenly had a thought.  A very disturbing, very unsettling thought.  A thought that threatened to […]