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June 2024



Tag: Mistakes

Oh Crap

I have small feet, so generally speaking a ball of sock yarn is more than enough for me to make a pair of socks with.  In fact, I’ve never once run out of yarn while making socks.  I’ve never even come close – I’ve sometimes had so much yarn left over that I could make […]

They’re Stretchy

While I was on my honeymoon several months ago, I decided to start knitting a pair of socks.  I had grand plans for the pattern, but in the interim took a bit of a break and then realized that I couldn’t remember what that plan was.   I also started feeling a bit of animosity […]

Dear Past Me: What Were You Thinking?

Every now and then, I put down a knitting project only to come back to it weeks or months later and realize that I have no idea what my past self was thinking when I was knitting on it earlier.  Generally, it’s obvious that I had a plan and that I had every reason to […]


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had counting problems in the past.  I’d like to say that usually I can make it to at least twenty without an issue, but experience would say otherwise.  For the Wedding Blanket II, though, I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing is a counting problem or negligence. […]

And The Knitting Fates Laughed

In my last post, I mentioned that I was just about to start blocking the border for Wedding Blanket the First.  This was a somewhat momentous occasion, as it’s been months since I finished knitting said border, and at no time did I actually measure the in-progress or finished border against the blanket it was […]

Luckily, I Have the Emergency Socks

(I thought I’d posted this from my phone last Thursday, but it turns out that I apparently only saved it.  Damn technology.) Reading the directions is important.  It’s a life skill that I’ve only had spotty success with, both in knitting and in life.  In knitting, it usually manifests in me going off pattern within […]

My Note Taking Could Improve

I was unpacking some stuff I hadn’t touched in a very long time, and I came across the ball bands for some Cascade 220.  I apparently wanted to remember something about the colors I used, because I made sure to write a note about the color on each one of them. For those of you […]

Swatch First, Pattern Second

Remember a long time ago when I said I wanted to start writing knitting patterns?  And how I then managed to knit an entire pair of socks without writing down a single letter about how I’d done so?  You know, like almost exactly a year ago? At least I’m not making the same mistakes again… […]

To The Frog Pond With Ye

The thing about making a sweater up from scratch, as I’m doing with the cARGHdigan project, is that there’s no one to blame but yourself when things go wrong. For example, when (finally) started on the sleeves, I measured The Blanket Thief‘s wrists.  He wanted them pretty tight, so I added an inch, looked up […]

The Danger of “Because I Can”

After writing my last post about my, er, somewhat gross experiment with spinning cat hair, I realized something.  I wasn’t trying to spin cat hair because I had something I wanted to make out of it, I wasn’t doing it because it brought me joy, I wasn’t even doing it because I thought it was […]