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June 2024



Tag: Yarn

Yarn > Embarassment

Usually when I catch Monkey Kitty doing something hilarious, he’s too shy to keep at it while I turn on the video camera on my phone and start recording.  For example, we put a sheet with a bunch of little Tinkerbells on one of the couches to try to keep cat hair off of the […]

Monkey Kitty Won’t be Stopped

I really thought I was getting much better about not leaving yarn out for Monkey Kitty to find.  There haven’t been any major incidents in quite a while, to the point that I almost suspected that he might even have gotten over his love of yarn destruction. Just goes to show that you can never […]

A Portugese Hourglass for the New Year

I wish sometimes that I lived in Germany.  Not, mind you, that I know much German, but I think I could pick it up pretty quickly, and I know that enough people in Germany speak English that I could definitely get by.  Germany is where the sock yarn comes from, and is the only place […]

This Should Totally Be A Thing

I was honored to be one of the bridesmaids at my friend Erica’s wedding a couple weekends ago.  It was the first time I’d ever bridesmaided (I’m totally making that a word), and no one in my family has had a wedding involving bridesmaids, so I got to learn about all sorts of nifty traditions […]

They Followed Me Home

One thing that’s very dangerous about going to Germany is the yarn.  Germany is where the sock yarn comes from (Regia, Stoller & Schall, Trekking…), and as far as I can tell the German culture still embraces the idea of handicrafts like knitting.  You can be strolling around a department store (which might span several […]

Karmic Deposits

The Blanket Thief complains that I have a messed up view of karma because I basically think it works like a bank – that you  can take withdrawals in the form of good things happening to you, that you make deposits by both living through shitty things and doing good to others.  I think he […]

Worsted Weight Awesome

I’m sorry for the long delay since my last post – the Blanket Thief and I decided to finally take our honeymoon, which took us through many yarn shops in Europe (we saw some culture too, but, you know…yarn).  I did a relatively good job of not buying too much yarn…but that’s a subject for […]

So Much Yarn

A couple weeks ago, I got a lovely large package in the mail.  At first, I was confused, because the outside of it said it was filled with chocolates – I might have a bit of a weakness for chocolate, but I knew I hadn’t broken down and bought over a cubic foot of it. […]


Stoichiometry is the part of chemistry that involves calculating the numerical relationships between various things in a reaction.  When I was studying chemistry, it was always my favorite part, because it felt a little bit like alchemy – if you could find a chain of relationships between any two things, you could convert that thing […]

I Have The Best Friends

I finally got a chance to catch up with a couple of my very best friends and exchange Xmas gifts with them.  I think I got the better part of that exchange, because I walked away with this: “What is it?” I can hear you asking, in awed and shushed tones.  That, my friends, is […]