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In Which I Briefly Go Insane

Although I haven’t managed to do a proper post on the Wedding Blanket, progress is going well so far.  I have almost five feet (by 1.5 feet, so 7.5 square feet) of knitting done at this point, and it’s relatively gorgeous and soft and comfy and everything one could ask for in an heirloom blanket. […]

For I Am Weak

So there was a sale at my favorite yarn store last weekend (starting on Thursday).  If it had just been me, I likely would have been strong enough to stay away from the building altogether. But I also have friends, and these friends are wonderfully effective enablers. My goal was to go with them to […]

I Was Gone Five Minutes!

Every now and then, I realize that Monkey Kitty is great training for the eventual day when I might have children.  Sure, as long as there’s enough food and water I can potentially leave him alone for a weekend, but at the same time, if I leave anything “dangerous” around? Five minutes. For example, I […]

Sleeves Ahoy!

I’ve apparently decided that I’m supposed to churn through all of my Works In Progress (yes, there are enough of them to have formed a committee with capital letters) before starting anything new.  I suspect this is not in small part related to the fact that I can’t buy new yarn anymore. Speaking of not […]

In Which I Muse About Lace Surgeons

One of the top projects I’m working on right now is a blanket for my best friend’s wedding.  Being me, I decided I was going to design a brand new pattern for this, bought the yarn before I’d figured out what I was going to do, and then once I’d picked out the stitch patterns […]