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June 2024



Tag: cARGHdigan

Socks, Socks, Nothing But Socks

So…hi everyone. Sorry for the long lag in posting that just happened there – a lot of stuff has been happening over here in the Knerd household, and somehow posting just fell off the wayside. Unfortunately, so did my camera, apparently, so I’m not going to be able to show you what I’ve done since […]

Things I Did Not Work On This Week

In the past week, I’ve done exactly zero knitting. I know.  I’m shocked too.  I didn’t know it was possible for me to live without knitting for so long.  I don’t even have a good explanation for it, either – I wasn’t injured, I wasn’t trapped anywhere without yarn, and even though yesterday was Erica’s […]

To The Frog Pond With Ye

The thing about making a sweater up from scratch, as I’m doing with the cARGHdigan project, is that there’s no one to blame but yourself when things go wrong. For example, when (finally) started on the sleeves, I measured The Blanket Thief‘s wrists.  He wanted them pretty tight, so I added an inch, looked up […]

Sleeves Ahoy!

I’ve apparently decided that I’m supposed to churn through all of my Works In Progress (yes, there are enough of them to have formed a committee with capital letters) before starting anything new.  I suspect this is not in small part related to the fact that I can’t buy new yarn anymore. Speaking of not […]

As It Turns Out, 42 Really IS The Answer

Every now and then, I’ve been having the Blanket Thief “try on” the cARGHdigan to see if the arm holes are big enough.  Generally, this process looks something like this: (I had a better picture, but the Blanket Thief forbid me from posting it.  If he ever pisses me off, though…) Given that the needle […]

Blast From The Past

I’ve been super swamped lately with various work and life things, so instead of posting about what I”m doing now, I’m going to delve a bit into the past.  Why I think that blogging about a past project instead of a current one will have any affect on my general stress level I have no […]

Non-Knitting Olympics Update

I’ve been frantically trying to get my Knitting Olympics project finished, so I haven’t had time for a real post (and unfortunately, I only seemed to plan for one week’s worth of Knitting Olympics ahead of time…).  For now, hopefully this will tide you over: That’s the current state of the cARGHdigan for the Blanket […]

For Once, the Knitting Fates Smiled

I’m kind of shocked to be in this position, actually.  I was really, really sure this was going to go differently.  I mean, it always does, right? Last night, as I was putting the cARGHdigan away for the night, I suddenly had a thought.  A very disturbing, very unsettling thought.  A thought that threatened to […]

Oooh, more colors!

Remember how excited I was when I got to the first blue stitches?  Like, perhaps unreasonably excited? Yeah, that’s got nothing on what’s going on now.  I got to the red stitches.  Red, dudes. I started getting excited as I started nearing the point where there was only one black stitch in the triangles between […]

Finally, the Fun Part!

It’s here!  I’m past the stockinette-only section of the cARGHdigan, and I’m ready to start the argyle part! This is how much knitting there was to get to this point (technically, I could have – or according to the Blanket Thief, should have – started about two inches ago, but I contend it’ll look better […]