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That’s It, I’m Cut Off

Considering I just graduated from college a few years ago (thus giving you some idea of how young I am), I have a relatively impressive yarn stash.  In volumetric terms, it’s about 18 cubic feet (roughly half a cubic meter, for you metric types), and that’s under pretty heavy compression.  The only reason it’s not […]

If There Is Yarn…

…Monkey Kitty will find it. It’s like he has a sixth sense about where to find knitting and related supplies, and I swear he must have some kind of extreme instinctual imperative telling him to “Destroy!  Maim!  Kill!  Bitebitebite!”  I’d say he could smell the animals that were involved in making the yarn (see exhibits […]

Almost There…

You know that feeling you get, when you’re really, really close to finishing a project, how you feel like you can’t put it down until it’s done? Yeah, I’m there.  I don’t think I’ll get much done tonight, but I expect to have a pair of socks before I fall asleep. Also, the hourglass pattern […]

As It Turns Out, 42 Really IS The Answer

Every now and then, I’ve been having the Blanket Thief “try on” the cARGHdigan to see if the arm holes are big enough.  Generally, this process looks something like this: (I had a better picture, but the Blanket Thief forbid me from posting it.  If he ever pisses me off, though…) Given that the needle […]

Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself

My best friend from college is getting married in September.  Not only have I repeatedly said that I’ll help her out with whatever she needs (she lives in Ohio and the wedding is in Seattle, so there’s a lot of help needed), but at her bridal shower I might have said the words, “So…would you […]